[What is two wattle]_chilli_some kind

[What is two wattle]_chilli_some kind

Some people may ask what is the name of the second wattle. The name may sound strange, but it is actually the name of a pepper.

Erjingtiao is a kind of pepper used in Sichuan cuisine. It is an indispensable raw material for making bean paste. It can be seen that Erjingtiao pepper plays a very important role in Sichuan cuisine. So Erjingt is a kind ofLet’s find out what else it can do besides being used to make watercress?

Erjing chilli pepper, authentic Sichuan cuisine uses seasoning is inestimable. Famous brand products such as watercress and mustard must use Erjing chilli pepper as an important raw material.

Sichuan specialty “two Jingtiao pepper”.

This “Erjing pepper” is different from the normal peppers in its spicy taste. Its characteristics are slightly spicy and fragrant. Echinacea peppers are eaten as fresh vegetables. Most of them are harvested from green fruits. The harvest time is from early May to October. Red peppers are harvested.When July-September.

The characteristics of Erjing chilli pepper are as follows: first, its frying oil has a bright red color, and the red oil can automatically climb up the side of the plate, and its taste is moderate and spicy.

Second, the pepper angle is the highest, with a “J” shaped hook on the tip of the pepper, the appearance of the pepper and fruit is beautiful, and the crystal is green.

Third, capsaicin is contained in the peel and placenta of capsicum, which is a source of spicy taste. The content of capsaicin varies with the variety, and the general content is about 17% to 27%.

Asparagus chilli pepper is up to 27%, and carotene 1 is contained in every 100 grams of fresh pepper.

56 mg and ascorbic acid 105 mg, which are higher than normal vegetables.

Strong growth, many branches, long cone-shaped fruit, slightly curved, sulcus at the tip of more than 40%, mature system is deep red, good gloss, single fruit weighs 5-8 grams, heat-resistant, spicy and delicious, moderate spicy tasteHeavy oil content.

Rich in vitamin C, protein, carotene, small amounts of oil, red pigment, capsaicin, volatile oil, calcium, phosphorus, iron, ascorbic acid and other essential nutrients and substances necessary for the human body.

Uses can be fried, pickled, processed watercress, pickles, can be dried to make pepper and paprika, is a good condiment.