[Do you want to drink more water for diarrhea]_Children diarrhea_Benefits

[Do you want to drink more water for diarrhea]_Children diarrhea_Benefits

After the baby is born, many organs of the body will gradually develop and perfect, and the body’s resistance is very weak. A little carelessness can easily cause diarrhea. In fact, baby diarrhea is a relatively common disease that causes diarrhea.There are many reasons. Many parents are worried about their children’s dehydration when they have diarrhea. They often drink a lot of water for their babies. Do they need more water for diarrhea?

Do babies drink more water for diarrhea?

Babies must drink plenty of water for diarrhea, because diarrhea is mainly pulled out of water. If not replenished in time, it will cause dehydration, which will be serious.

Hurry to drink more water for your baby, you must drink more.

Water is best to drink light saline, add a small amount of salt, and give your baby appropriate calcium carbonate.

The baby always feels thirsty because of lack of water.

It is good that he wants to drink by himself.

If your diarrhea is severe, give your baby antidiarrheal medicine.

Baby diarrhea main symptoms 1, mild diarrhea: stools 5-6 times a day, or even more than 10 times, stools are egg-shaped or water-like, yellow or yellow-green, there are small white pieces, may have low fever, milk spills, Mental diet is still good or slightly reduced, no weight gain or slight decrease, no dehydration.

2. Moderate diarrhea: bowel movements 10 times a day, watery stools, sour and stinky smell, and moderate fever.

3. Severe diarrhea: stools more than 10 times a day, watery stools, yellow, vomiting, fever, oliguria, poor appetite, weight loss, rapid dehydration and acidosis, hypokalemia, calcium, magnesium, etc.

4, some babies may appear obvious dehydration, acidosis, electrolyte disorders, such as low potassium or low magnesium.

What to cook for diarrhea? Boiled apples: Boiled apples have an astringent effect. Eating one every day will help relieve the baby’s diarrhea.

Apples should be boiled in water or added with sugar, so that the baby prefers to eat.

Porridge: When your baby has diarrhea, give him more porridge, which is easy to digest and nutritious.

Don’t eat hard foods when your baby has a diarrhea. Drinking porridge is good.

It’s better to boil some when cooking porridge.

Soft noodles: When your baby’s diarrhea improves, you can cook rotten noodles for your baby and add some greens appropriately.

This can further supplement the baby’s nutrition, and the baby will also digest better.

Drink ginger tea: When your baby’s belly is cold and cause diarrhea, you can cook some ginger tea for your baby, cut the ginger into pieces, boil the water and put in the ginger, and then add a small amount of cooked tea.Relieve diarrhea.

Hawthorn malt water: When your baby has diarrhea due to indigestion, you can cook some hawthorn malt water for your baby to drink. The effect is good. Malt should be replaced by fried ones, and 3-5 hawthorn is enough.

Add some brown sugar.