[Can metronid tablets gargle and reduce inflammation]_action_effect

[Can metronid tablets gargle and reduce inflammation]_action_effect

Metronidazole tablets are a common drug in medicine. Metronidazole tablets can generally be used to treat body diseases, but also treat digestive tract diseases. At the same time, they can also regulate the body, can treat dizziness, or can treat urethritisAnd metronidazole tablets can also be used in mouthwash, can also kill the role of anti-inflammatory, can effectively treat oral ulcers and other effects, is also better for the oral cavity.

Can metronidazole tablets gargle and reduce inflammation?

You can use the water formed by metronidazole tablets to gargle. Oral and external treatment of tartar is easier to place. You can gargle every two hours and gargle about five times a day. The gum problem will soon be solved.
Oral problems are mainly caused by bacteria. At this time, we must find ways to antibacterial. Metronidazole is particularly effective for oral ulcers caused by bacterial infections. You only need to replace the metronidazole tablet mouthwash for daily mouthwash.It can effectively eliminate oral bacteria.

When you eat pepper or drink alcohol in the summer, you get angry, causing problems in your mouth and sometimes bleeding. These problems are caused by bacterial infections. The use of metronidazole-containing mouthwash is very effective.Just gargle. No medicine is needed.

Precautions Metronidazole tablet mouthwash is still very beneficial to the oral cavity, and has the effect of treating oral diseases, but this mouthwash cannot be used often, it is easy to reduce, and it is easy to disturb the oral flora.

15% adverse reactions?
Adverse reactions occurred in 30% of cases, and the most common gastrointestinal reactions included nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, tibial colic, and generally did not affect treatment; neurological symptoms include headache, dizziness, occasional paresthesia, limb numbness, ataxiaDisorders, polyneuritis, etc., large doses can cause convulsions.

A few cases of urticaria, flushing, itchy ulcers, cystitis, dysuria, metal taste in the mouth, and decreased white blood cells are reversible, and they will recover on their own.

Contraindications for patients with active central nervous system disorders and blood disorders.

Precautions (1) Interference to diagnosis: The metabolites or urine of this product is dark red.

(2) The dosage of patients with hypertension liver disease should be reduced.

The drug should be discontinued in the presence of ataxia or other central nervous system symptoms.

Before repeating a course, a white blood cell count should be performed.

Anaerobic infection with renal failure should be extended from 8 hours to 12 hours.

(3) This product can inhibit alcohol metabolism. You should stop drinking during medication. Abdominal pain, vomiting, headache and other symptoms may occur after drinking.

For pregnant and lactating women.

The reference dosage for children’s medication is not clear for the elderly.

Drug interactions This product can enhance the effect of anticoagulant drugs such as warfarin.

Combining it with oxytetracycline can interfere with the effect of metronidazole on clearing trichomoniasis.