[Can one year old baby eat mutton]_Children_Impact

[Can one year old baby eat mutton]_Children_Impact

One-year-old babies can actually eat something normally. For one-year-old babies, they can actually eat mutton.

If the baby’s physique is relatively afraid of cold and thin, then you can eat more mutton. If it is a baby who often gets angry, it is not recommended to eat mutton, because the properties of mutton are relatively warm.

Can 1-year-old babies eat lamb? Lamb season: It is best to eat it in winter and spring.

But if your baby is afraid of cold and thin, you can eat it often in summer.

Babies who often “get angry” who are afraid of heat should eat less mutton in summer and autumn.

Applicable people: mutton is warm, Chinese medicine believes that it is good for qi and tonic, and suitable for babies with debilitating constitution.

Babies who are thin, afraid of cold, and easy to have stomachache and diarrhea after eating cool foods are best suited to eat lamb.

If your baby is afraid of heat and feels comfortable eating cold food and often has dry stools, eat less lamb.

Nutritional characteristics: The content of protein and vitamins is close to that of beef, and it becomes a heme iron, which is also a good food for blood.

Feces content: The content of feces in ordinary mutton is slightly higher than that of beef, with an average of 14%. The content of feces used as “fat lamb slices” for lamb meat can exceed 30%.

If your baby is thin and afraid of cold, it is a good idea to take your baby to eat lamb in winter.

Beef, edible season: It can be eaten all year round.

Applicable people: beef is slightly warm and can be eaten by babies of various constitutions.

Chinese medicine believes that it can replenish the spleen and stomach, strengthen bones and bones, and is more convenient for babies who are thin and anaemic.

Nutritional characteristics: protein content up to 20%, the introduction of heme iron, is a good food for blood.

At the same time, zinc, selenium and other trace elements and various B vitamins are also relatively high.

One-year-old baby recipes[Congee]1. Mung bean barley porridge ingredients: 50 grams of soaked rice, 20 grams of mung beans, and 20 grams of barley kernels.

Method: Wash the coix seed and mung bean and soak in water overnight.

Put clear water in the pot, put mung beans and barley kernels and soaked rice in the pot, and cook over high heat until the mung beans bloom.

Cook over low heat until thick and ready to eat.

Second, duck porridge material: a male duck (weighing about 2,000 grams), the right amount of rice, 3 onion white.

Method: slaughter the blue-headed male duck, remove hair and internal organs, wash, boneless, and cut into thin filaments (or thin slices).

Heat the pan, add the duck meat, boil, add the previous rice, and lightly boil the porridge.

You can also boil the duck soup first and use the soup to make porridge.

Third, the minced pork porridge is washed, minced with a knife or placed in a meat grinder and twisted twice, add wine to stir-fry, add it to the thick porridge and add salt to serve.

Fourth, the fish porridge is washed to remove the visceral fish (such as herring, banded fish, eel, etc.), the whole steamed and boned, the fish is ground and mixed into the porridge, add an appropriate amount of salt, spring onion, a small amount of wine, and serve as porridge.

Fifth, the egg flower porridge breaks one egg and puts it into the cooked porridge, stirs and burns, boils, adds salt and cooked oil.

6. Wash the pork liver porridge with a knife and cut it with a knife. Then remove the mud from the cut surface, add wine, and add salt to the porridge and cook thoroughly.

All kinds of porridge should be cooked with Lai Ni and soy products before eating.