[Black chicken soup and what phase grams]_ diet taboo _ food taboo

[Black chicken soup and what phase grams]_ diet taboo _ food taboo

Wuji Decoction is a good tonic, it can regulate menstruation and blood, it can nourish the kidney, and it can also strengthen the body’s immunity.

Black chicken soup is loved by female friends. Although black chicken soup is good, it cannot be drunk every day.

At the same time, we all know that food is related to each other, so black chicken soup can not be put in those foods, such as catfish, pip shrimp, shrimp and rabbit meat.

Putting such foods in black chicken soup can easily cause poisoning reactions.

Black chicken is a good product for tonicity and raising the body.

Eating black chicken can nourish yin and kidney, delay aging, and have obvious effects on iron deficiency anemia in women.

Taihe chicken has been analyzed in various places for more than 19 amino acids, of which chicken blood contains amino acids 84.

95mg / 50ml, chicken contains 71.

39mg / 100g, chicken skin contains 72.

16mg / 100g, chicken bone contains 30.

88mg / 100g, chicken gallbladder contains 34.

10 mg, and contains eight amino acids necessary for the human body.

Melanin, B vitamins, and 18 trace elements are low in plasma and small amounts.

It has the functions of cleaning human blood and removing garbage from the blood, can regulate human immune function, and has a good supplementary effect on menstrual disorders and senile debilitating diseases caused by deficiency of qi and blood: therefore, black chicken contains a large amount of vitamin A, Trace element selenium, they have the effect of scavenging free radicals in the body, anti-aging and inhibiting the growth of polymers.

Although black chicken is a good supplement, it can produce phlegm, help fire, and generate heat and wind. Therefore, patients with body fat and evil gas and severe skin diseases should eat less or avoid it. It should not be eaten when suffering from severe exogenous diseases.Avoid spicy and greasy, tobacco and alcohol.

Cold, fever, cough, sputum or damp-heat content and less food, abdominal distension, and acute fungal enteritis are not eaten.

  Black chickens feed on wild grass food and bugs, so it also absorbs the essence.

Modern medical research shows that black chicken is rich in 18 amino acids and 18 trace elements such as melanin, protein, and B vitamins, among which the content of niacin, vitamin E, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and sodium is higher than that of ordinary chicken, plasma, andAunt content is very low.

The total serum and globular protein contents of black-bone chickens were significantly higher than those of ordinary chickens.

Black chicken contains amino acids higher than ordinary chicken, and iron content is much higher than ordinary chicken. It is a tonic with extremely high nutritional value. It has been called “black hearted baby”.

Black chicken is flat and sweet; it has the functions of nourishing yin and clearing heat, nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening spleen and reducing diarrhea.

Eating black chicken can improve physiological functions, delay aging, strengthen muscles and strengthen bones, symptomatic osteoporosis, rickets, iron deficiency anemia in women, etc. have obvious effects.

Black chicken is used as food therapy, and it is often combined with Tremella, Black Fungus, Poria, Yam, Jujube, Cordyceps, Lotus Seed, Gastrodia, Poria, Glutinous Rice or Medlar.

Soak 20 grams of warm gastrodia elata for one day and boil it with a black-bone chicken, and simmer slowly, it can cure neurasthenia.

Stewed black chicken with aged vinegar can improve diabetes.