[Can lobster and orange juice be eaten together]_ fresh orange juice _ same food taboo

[Can lobster and orange juice be eaten together]_ fresh orange juice _ same food taboo

Everyone knows that the content of vitamin c in oranges is very high, so many people choose oranges when supplementing vitamin c, and because oranges contain more soup, oranges are more commonly used to squeeze juice and drink, and everyoneIt is known that lobsters cannot be eaten with foods that contain more vitamin c, otherwise poisoning is prone to occur, so when eating oranges, lobsters should be avoided. Food mix often says that vitamin C is an acidic substance.Valent fatty acids are converted into highly toxic trivalent arsenic by the action of vitamin C.

However, there is no relevant literature to support this.

And human gastric juice is also strongly acidic, so the acidity of vitamin C can be ignored.

What’s more, in a person’s normal metabolism, which meal does not contain a considerable amount of vitamin C?

Therefore, eating shrimp and a vitamin C tablet daily will not cause the poisoning.

In fact, the head of shrimp is the main part of heavy metal accumulation, so by reducing the intake of impurities, you can eat shrimp head less.

Of course, many people may not understand that a moderate intake of health is also necessary.

Studies have shown that arsenic is also an essential trace element of the human body and its extreme deficiency will worsen people’s health.

Shrimp cannot be eaten with vitamin C foods. Vitamin C is an enol structured substance.

The arsenic contained in shrimp is pentavalent arsenic. When encountering a large amount of vitamin C, it will be reduced to trivalent arsenic. Pentavalent arsenic is non-toxic. Trivalent arsenic is arsenic and highly toxic.

Therefore, river prawns and lemon, citrus, tomato, spinach and other vitamin C vegetables should not be eaten in large quantities when fried.

Shrimp cannot be eaten with foods with higher acidity2 because shrimp meat contains higher protein, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients, if eaten with foods with higher amino acid content, it will reduce the nutritional content of shrimp,In addition, the calcium in it is combined with the inorganic acid to produce a substance that is not easily digested, which causes vomiting, dizziness, nausea, and abdominal pain.

Therefore, tea and persimmon, grape, pomegranate, hawthorn and other foods containing amino acids and acids should not be eaten with shrimp.

Shrimp cannot be eaten with pumpkin. 3 Eating pumpkin and shrimp together can easily cause diarrhea and diarrhea symptoms. You can use black beans and licorice to detoxify.

Shrimp cannot be eaten with gourds. Shrimp is warm, sweet, and salty. It has kidney, aphrodisiac, stomach, qi, expectorant and anti-cancer effects. Gourds are cold, sweet, and have the ability to breathe, relieve phlegm, and clear phlegmefficacy.

The two flavors have the same effect and should not be eaten together.

In addition, if the two are mixed and mixed, due to their complex biochemical components, some biochemical reactions will occur, which will affect physical health.