[Stomach pain after intercourse]_Stomach pain_Cause

[Stomach pain after intercourse]_Stomach pain_Cause


Today’s young people are not as restrained about sex as before, and many people first taste the forbidden fruit when they are young.

Everyone has certain needs for sex after getting married.

Some women report that they will experience abdominal pain after sharing the same room, but they don’t know what caused it, they can go to the hospital for some tests to determine.

So, what is the pain in the lower abdomen after intercourse?

First, the cause of abdominal pain after sex 1, endometriosis endometriosis causes abdominal pain, because the endometrium originally in the uterine cavity ran into the pelvic cavity, whenever the menstrual period comes to menstruation, menstruation, blood stasis to form chocolate cyst.
2, when making love, said violently, the patient will have abdominal pain during menstruation.

However, a man’s penis is too long or he moves violently during sex, and may hit the lesion of pelvic congestion.

3, vaginal and uterine contractions When having sex, the vaginal and uterine contractions will also affect the lesions.

Therefore, when the affected area is irritated, abdominal pain is more than half a day, and severe pain can be relieved for two or three days. The degree of pain is often more severe, like an electric shock.

4. Uterine or ovarian tumors. Uterine or ovarian tumors usually have no pain at all, but the tumors twist and rupture during intercourse, and acute or chronic abdominal pain can also occur.

5, intestinal peristalsis men excessive force during sexual intercourse, the woman’s abdomen pressure suddenly increased, the uterus, rectum, bladder squeezed by gravity, causing intestinal peristalsis to occur, causing abdominal pain.

6, some people are emotionally stressed or have a psychological disorder, some people are emotionally stressed or have a psychological disorder, vaginal contraction occurs before sexual intercourse, and reflected to the abdomen to produce pain.

However, some pain symptoms are mild and do not last long, as long as you take a good rest afterwards, you can quickly return to normal.

Second, after the same room, how to do abdominal pain, rest first, see if the abdominal pain can be relieved.

Post-sexual abdominal pain is not a sign of disease, as long as you take a good rest for a day or two, you can see.

If it is still not good, it is recommended to go to the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department to see a doctor to eliminate complications such as pelvic ulcers and pelvic stasis, and take appropriate medication and physical therapy.

Third, if you can avoid abdominal pain after having sex in the same room, the sex is very intense, long time and high frequency, especially in the case of insufficient preparation of women, men’s excessive force will lead to excessive distortion of female pelvic muscles, causing abdominal pain.

For young women with insufficient sexual experience and immature bodies, this type of abdominal pain is more likely to occur due to local body adaptation.

It is recommended that no experience, poor development, short women are not suitable for too much intense sex.

Pay attention to control the rhythm, step by step, not too hard.

Once you feel uncomfortable, tell your partner the truth.

Based on the above reasons, we must pay attention to eliminating tension before intercourse, and also pay attention to gentle movements during intercourse.